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The Cliché of Romance is a Cliché


“OMG! Your story is such a cliché! Like the man fell in love with the woman! It’s SO been done before.” 

All romance writers can attest to statements such as this. It’s not so much painful as it is annoying.


Dear Reader,

You are picking up a ROMANCE novel. There is a disclaimer that this story will in fact have a happily ever after. Someone will fall in love with someone and their feelings will be returned. 

Warning: Love will happen.


Romance Writers Everywhere


In the Love Bug Series, I’m going to fill you in on a little secret …


… the men fall in love with the women.


Wait for it … Wait. For. It!

The women fall in love with the men.


I know you’re saying, “Jaycee, but really. A lot of stories are the same.” And while this is true, it’s just a different way to showcase how 1+2=3. The writers of romance know what the readers of romance want, and that’s what we write. Not every story is for everyone. Some people love Fifty Shades of Grey … others hate it. Some people love Watching Fireflies, and yes, some people hate it. How do you not love a hot cowboy with sparkling blue eyes who falls madly in love upon sight with a regular college instructor? Meh. It happens.

But can we as romance writers write about two people who hate each other before they fall in love? Well, we could, but Jane Austen did it first. How about a second chance at romance? Yes, we could, but Jane Austen did it first. How about a miscommunication that leads to self doubt and then love? Sure! But Jane Austen did it first. So, even though what you read is all the same, don’t blame the romance writers of today … blame Jane Austen.


No … you do not blame Jane Austen. The only thing you blame Jane Austen for is giving us the ultimate book boyfriend.


Any excuse to show Colin Firth as Mister Darcy is a good day.

*waits for reader to wipe drool from chin … writer does the same*

Essentially, the romance realm is the highest grossing genre for a reason. We all have our stories to share. We all have a different way of telling our stories. But in the end, it’s about love.


When you want to describe a romance novel as cliche, ask yourself this:

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On that note … I published my third book, Hornet’ Nest. You should totally check it out and get your cliché on. 😉

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