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Man Crush Monday – Food Network Style

I have been wanting to embark on the phenomenon that is Man Crush Monday. I’m always late to the party. I figured why not put two of my favorite things together into one post: Men and Food. Some of you know that I’ve had a few medical issues the past couple of months. There will be more on that another time, but essentially, I’ve recently had trouble eating due to these health issues. So, I thought I’d be able to fix this by watching lots and lots of the Food Network. It’s actually worked. I lost 20 pounds while in the hospital and gained 5 back. I’m content now. No more pounds! So, I watch the Food Network for other reasons…

The Men!

I couldn’t resist starting this off with Alton Brown. Always Good Eats, Alton. Always. 😉


The only non-human thing that could be considered sexy is food. In all of my romance novels, I wrote about some insanely delicious meal.

“Tonight we are serving Caesar salad to start, followed by Chicken Marsala, which is served with linguini in a light mushroom cream sauce.”

That’s probably one of my top 10 favorite dishes, and by testing WATCHING FIREFLIES on Wattpad, it was the most highlighted sentence in my whole story. There was also pot roast. Meat is always mouthwatering. In DRAGONFLY AWAKENING, Paul and Ellie dined on pizza from Lombardi’s in New York City as well as chowed down on Fettuccini Alfredo with bacon (Because it’s bacon. Everything is better with bacon.) In HORNET’S NEST (publishing February 2015), Katherine and Lance will have a little chocolate fun. That’s all I’m saying.

Food is sensual. When you eat something mind blowing, you moan. It’s impossible not to.

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

Even something as simple as cheesecake … dear Lord. Now just imagine if you had cheesecake (or pasta or a flipping piece of buttered toast) served to you by these men, and yes, these men are chefs and are on the Food Network. THIS is why I watch.




Scott Conant

At 43 years, this yummy man has seven restaurants, has won the “Best New Restaurant of 2003” from the James Beard Foundation for “L’Impero” and the “Best New Chef” from Food & Wine Magazine in 2004, has written three cookbooks (he’s a writer!), and has me glued to the TV when he’s the judge on Food Networks’ Chopped. AND … he’s Italian. *fans self*  Never forget to salt your pasta water with this one. 😉







Geoffrey Zakarian

A man that is an Iron Chef and that can look that good in a suit easily makes my #MCM list. One always needs a little salt and pepper when cooking, and I like how that salt and pepper looks.





Iron Chefs







Jeff Mauro

A newbie to the Food Network, Mr. Mauro won the seventh season of the Next Food Network Star, and this is where he won my heart with his humor and his sandwiches. Who doesn’t love a sandwich? His show is called The Sandwich King, but if I remember correctly, on the Next Food Network Star, he wanted to name his show Between Two Buns (or was it Between the Bread? I can’t remember). The romance writer then swooned. 😉






Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay

When you say Food Network, my first thought is of Bobby Flay. He’s been on that channel since the very beginning, and my mad love of gingers is probably why I keep coming back for more. He has an insane amount of restaurants and been on an insane amount of shows. He’s the epitome of food competitions. His focus is Southwestern cuisine. So, he’s a ginger that likes some spice. Now you see why he’s on my list! 😉





Aarón Sanchez

A man who can cook like nobody’s business and he’s a bad ass with tats. *faints* He also just opened Johnny Sánchez in my home city of New Orleans with my favorite NOLA chef John Besh. I have yet to go, but I am super excited. There’s just something about Mr. Sanchez … I need to go back for seconds.







Aaron Sanchez 1











Don’t we look cute together??? ♥


There are too many men on the Food Network that make me hungry. I will have to do a continuation one day. These are my first top five in no order. I cannot rank men that look like this and cook like they do.

But the biggest question is … do they also do dishes? Cuz THAT would be hot! 😉