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The Modern Day Love Letter

I love you

Ahhh … the text message. Done away with the long script with a quill and a jar of ink. Done away with the epic letters with declarations of love. Done away with the surprising cards just to say “Thinking of you”. Done away with the cute little notes passed around in class with your crush’s name written with a heart as the dot over the “i” in his/her name. 

Today … you get the words on a screen. Much like the books that we now read. We as a society are done with paper as a whole. “Save The Trees,” they say. But much like the books we read today … anyone can do it. Anyone can type something out and press send. The words are there. Sure, they mean something. Hopefully the person saying them to you mean them. But to actually drag your fingers across the page and feel the words pour out of their hearts onto paper, that means something. They are literally giving you their heart.

Alas … we must save the trees. So, a little speech bubble holds everything that means something.

A little speech bubble could also be the most annoying little piece of shit that humans ever created.

I present to you the modern day equivalent of a Shakespearean insult:



One thing comes to mind when I see this one singular letter …

Are you too damn lazy to enter in an “O” before the “K”???

I find your laziness insulting.

“Away! Thou’rt poison to my blood.”

That was Shakespeare. There are no better insults than Shakespearean insults … and the letter “K”. And really, “Okay” is only okay for Hazel Grace and Augustus. (If you don’t know what I mean, read The Fault in Our Stars … okay.)

So, not only do we have the ease of technology (heaven forbid anyone get a paper cut), but we also have the lazy nature of one letter responses. We live in such a “whatever” society. No one puts up an effort anymore. No one fights for what they want anymore. If it’s too hard, people just quit. People do whatever possible to keep their heart intact that we’re pulling away from the best feeling in the world. Everyone wants to protect their heart, but without pain, one can never have joy. We will all become the robots we all fear to be. We are becoming mechanical.

“The heart was made to be broken.”

– Oscar Wilde

Love will find you. You can’t run away from it. Let it consume you. And then maybe … just maybe …



The text message won’t be so bad at all. There isn’t much better than Jane Austen in the 21st century.

I’ll end this blog hypocrisy (since I typed instead of hand wrote it) with just a little note from me to you. ♥

photo1 (1)



And just to plug my new little project, it has nothing to do with bugs or cowboys. It’s about a long and forgotten place in my hometown of New Orleans. I’m doing my best to entwine history and fiction into a love story that I’ve been dreaming of for over a year. I hope you’ll start the journey with me.

Order of the Garter





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