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What’s in a Name …


Writing comes from all sorts of inspiration in life; various people you meet or places you’ve been. They all make their way into stories somehow.

“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.”

True love, maybe. But I have been in love countless of times – where I just swore I loved him – and alas, my heart … t’was broken.

My stories are premiered on Wattpad for the time being. The latter ones will become restructured where only the names are the same. I have ideas to expand my simple Love Bug Series into two series with a total of eight books. These all started with inspiration. The perfect fictional male as the hero … and the exes as the villains.



Villain:  Ryan

Ryan is a variation of Brian. Brian was an “I only want you around when it’s convenient for me” type of guy. Dumping him was the wisest decision I had ever made. I won’t mention here what happened to Ryan. Not in the mood for a #SpoilerAlert.

Truth: I started dating my now husband two weeks BEFORE I dumped Brian. #SorryNotSorry



Villain:   Josh

When I started my freshman year of college, I had just been dumped by this douche named Jeff – which sucked at the time but definitely for the best – but I had vowed to not exclusively date anyone my first year. I just wanted to have fun and not worry about the male species. By the summer after, I got a job working at Blockbuster. (It was awesome. Free movies all of the time.) Anyways, in walks a guy who I could tell was a smidge older than my eighteen years of age, but he was … hot. I stood in my blue and yellow trim polo shirt checking him out (literally) and while he hands me his Blockbuster member card, he also hands me his phone number. I was blinded by the tats, but that was a red flag. A guy giving a girl their number means he wants the girl to chase him. Girls … don’t chase. Just … no. But … again … blinded by the tats. And then I found out he was in the military … and I was a goner.

… He dumped me on my birthday.

Hornet’s Nest has yet to be edited properly. Josh needs to suffer more.



Villain:   Jacob

Literally, one week after Josh, I had just got settled into my new apartment at LSU with my three roommates. (We had my birthday kegger party a week prior where not only did Josh not show up, but dumped me on the phone. I floated the keg myself.) ANYWAYS … it was a Friday before the first LSU football game and we were getting to know our new neighbors (who were all men 🙂 ) so we ordered pizza which meant the men flocked to our apartment. We knew who they all were by now, but in walks this guy. I’m sitting in a chair by the window in our living room. He just walks into my apartment like he owns the place. Baseball cap, tall, scruffy beard … I watch him as he walks straight to the pizza and just takes a slice. So, I say, “Help yourself.” He just nods and says, “Thanks.” I still had no idea who this dude was, but I was intrigued. Not enough to make anything of it.

I find out that he’s my neighbor’s friend who doesn’t live at my apartment complex. He would always talk to me on and off. Friendly. Cordial. Still never thought anything of it. There was this one day in October that we all piled into one of my sorority sister’s Jeep for an LSU football game. I took a picture of the people in the back seat (he was one of them) and we went to the game, had a blast, still never thought anything of it … until I got my pictures back. No one in the picture was looking at the camera … except him, and his smile … was … beautiful. My eyes lingered on the picture … but he was out of my league. He was too cute. I just befriended him and actually started dating another guy instead. Nothing serious or anything.

One of our sorority functions came up, and the guy who I was dating couldn’t go because of work. So, I went over to a neighbor guy friend’s apartment, trying to figure out who I should ask as a date (you had to bring a date), and he said, “You need to ask Jacob.” That caught me off guard. I looked at him like he was nuts. Jacob wouldn’t go with me. He was a pre-med, hot, Cajun boy. So, I asked my friend, “You think he would go with me?” And he had the sliest smirk on his face as he said, “Just ask him.” I left shaking my head.

Surprise, surprise. He says yes.

The function is a “mystery bus trip” where my sorority sisters and their dates load a bunch of limo buses to some bar in another city. By the time the first slow song came on, I could tell that I wasn’t alone in the feelings department. It was a really epic little story with the build up and the finally getting together.

… I was a distraction.

The break up was horrible. But thinking back on it now. I should have never made him a villain. Yes, he chose his future over me and I wasn’t a part of that future, but he never wronged me. He doesn’t deserve to be a villain.

Mental Edit Note: Change “Jacob” to “Jeff” … Jeff deserves it much more.


To read about all of these villains, check out my work on Wattpad while you still can for free!


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