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The New Adventures of Jaycee Ford

When the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, I used to look to the prior year and regret all that I didn’t accomplish. But not this year. I looked back at 2018 and saw all that I did, and a big part of it was simply adulting. 2018 was the first year I actually took on life by myself. I went from graduating college to moving back in with my parents to getting married. This was often the way of life for a twenty-something year old girl. The literal last days of 2017 were the last days of my marriage. I was 36 at the time and had already been separated for two years. I attempted to make it work but sometimes life tells you to throw in the towel, and I chucked it.

I started off 2018 moving into the house I had purchased with my former husband, but I never got to live in (NB: Huge life changes won’t necessarily save a marriage). The first month was spent just as the previous 10 years of our marriage, cleaning up his mess. After that task, I began to appreciate life in a larger house than needed for one person and took care of my sweet ten-year-old pup pup, Dixie.

The year continued, and in good Jaycee Ford fashion, I had my sixth surgery. (For all of those who’ve followed me on Facebook over the years, you know how my life gets. If you’re just joining the ride, a future blog post of Jaycee’s guts will be coming soon.) This was supposed to be last, last, last surgery to fix the majority of my gut issues … and it did … after having another procedure six months later. I had spent the majority of 2018 eating easily digestible things … like carbs. Very sad for a girl who likes her protein. Thankfully, it all got fixed in August with a little procedure that widened my esophagus. Yeah, it was just as fun as it sounds.

August went into September when my very dear Australian friend came to visit me. We went to Disney World and spent the rest of the month partying it up in New Orleans. (If you’re in the mood for some amazing Australian romance books, check out

After Len left in October, November came and I did a thing …


I’ve published six before, but it took me a year and half to get Prowler out (Book Two of The Spider Series). Surgeries in 2017. Divorce at the end of 2017. Life kept throwing me curve balls, but I was hitting homeruns.

Then December came. My daily job is in Accounting, and everyone who works in Accounting absolutely loves the month of December (said no one in Accounting ever).

The clock struck midnight … Hello 2019, you beautiful thing. There was only one thing I regretted: my writing. So, I told myself that I have a website and I needed to utilize it. My last blog post was a book review from June 2017. I wanted to move away from that. I haven’t read enough lately to warrant blog posts of book reviews, but I still wanted to do something that got me back into writing. My current series is a bit tough. I like the challenge, but I don’t get to focus on it as often because adulting gets in the way.

Throughout the adulting comes fun, and this is where The New Adventures of Jaycee Ford comes in. I have trips planned for 2019 (I’ve already been on one) and I want to take you along for the ride. I love all things Disney and have been a closet Disney junkie that just needs to come out. I’m an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World so I’m a semi-Disney professional. I love to cook and meal plan. My meal planning is usually geared toward the healthy side … and sometimes the economical side. Being from New Orleans, though, I love a tasty dinner full of savory decadence.

Upcoming blogs will be a little about everything I deal with in life, and whether those blogs are about Disney, traveling, meal prep, life as a recently divorced 37-year-old, maybe there will be something to help you out or something you can relate to.

I’m excited for this new adventure. I’m excited to share this with you.