Walt Disney Wednesday: Top Five Most Underrated Attractions at Walt Disney World

Over the course of my past few trips to Disney, I’ve noticed a few attractions were complete walk-ons and I had no idea why. There are other instances when people roll their eyes because not all rides are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Space Mountain (or any mountain, really). There may be some people who don’t really appreciate the meaning behind some attractions, or in other instances, how beautiful they are.

I’ve went back and forth with my list, narrowing down my number one and number two, but after some thought, we’ll start with my fifth most underrated attraction.

#5. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

While I know this isn’t a fast ride in the Magic Kingdom, but this under appreciated ride puts you inside bits of the movie with Arial wanting legs and Ursula wanting her voice. It’s a sure win attraction with the kiddos and a nostalgic throw back for the kids from the 80s. Even if it’s not your favorite Disney movie or Disney princess, it was the starting point for the new age of Disney. The Little Mermaid was the beginning of the Disney Renaissance, and without it, we probably wouldn’t have what Disney is today. The movie was also a concept Walt Disney himself had visited in the 1930s. He knew all the way back then that this would be a hit. And it was, fifty years later.

Check out this ride through with Theme Park Review on YouTube for all wonder Under The Sea.

#4. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Yes, yes. I’m taking you under the sea again, and yes we’re greeted by seagulls again, but these animatronics chirp “Mine Mine Mine” over and over again. That alone makes you want to step inside this Epcot clown fish adventure. What gives this sea journey an added twist, part of the ride really is under the sea! The end of the adventure gives you a glimpse into Epcot’s 5.7 million gallon Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium with Nemo swimming along with you.

Join iThemePark for a full ride through and don’t forget, Just Keep Swimming.

#3. Journey into Imagination with Figment

Okay, okay. This ride isn’t very good, but for the kids of the 80s who remember when Figment had the Dream Finder, we appreciate this, even though Disney took away its former glory. We still do have that “One Little Spark,” and we can take this journey for a minimal wait at Epcot.

It’s ranked third because it’s all we have of Figment (it’s all we have! 😭), and since Disney does like to take away some of our very best memories of childhood (*cough* Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride *cough*), we have to embrace it in hopes that one day Disney will bring back the Dream Finder and Figment in all their former glory.

Dream Finder … Bring him back, Disney. You bring him back!

“Two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow, horns of a steer, but a lovable fellow. From head to tail, he’s royal purple pigment, and there, voila, you’ve got a Figment.”

The catchy tune “One Little Spark” was composed by the Sherman Brothers. Richard and Robert Sherman’s music can be heard in many of films, but most notably, Mary Poppins to which they won a Grammy Award.

Follow along with this One Little Spark filmed by POVRollerCoaster.

#2. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

Photo Credit: Disney

Some may be confused as to why I picked this Magic Kingdom attraction as my second most underrated attraction. It’s a Tiki Room filled with singing birds. The show starts out with a bird named Jose who talks to his other bird friends and they sing bird songs. But that’s not all it is. This is the reason why Disney Parks are they way they are today. Walt Disney said, “it was all started by a Mouse,” but in many ways it started with a bird. And that bird was found in New Orleans.

Photo Credit: Disney

Walt Disney traveled to my hometown of New Orleans (it was a favorite vacation spot of his), and while shopping, he found a little mechanical bird in a cage chirping away. He purchased his new little friend and from that commodity came the birth of Audio-Animatronics. This one little chirping caged bird led to the wonders of The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Jungle Cruise. Without that chirping bird, the inspiration may have never come, or perhaps, much later than it had.

Sing along with the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room, which was composed by (you guessed it) The Sherman Brothers, as shown by BigFatPanda in the link below.

#1. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

There is one major reason why this is my number one. Yes, it’s slow, and yes, the future scene was considered outdated in the late 1990s…

This is the only ride in all of Walt Disney World that Walter Elias Disney has actually touched with his own hands.

Photo Credit: Disney

It started with the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. General Electric reached out to Walt Disney to showcase the wonders of electricity over the 20th Century. Walt Disney was heavily involved with this creation which showcased a family Audio-Animatronics, adapting to life with electricity.

This attraction started at the World’s Fair, then moved to Disneyland, and then found it’s permanent home in Walt Disney World. Legend says, this is Walt Disney’s favorite attraction and it should always be in operation.

The show starts with gas lamps and telephones and ends with the future of the 1990s with grandma playing a virtual reality game on an “old school” flat screen. The funny thing about progress is that it never stops. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough when the final scene will be updated with Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary soon approaching, but for now, we’ll enjoy the great big beautiful tomorrow, knowing that I’m watching the evolution of time at the hands of Walt Disney.

Oh, and the song There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow … yep. The Sherman Brother’s.

Experience the progress with a clip from BigFatPanda.

Want to plan one of these Disney adventures? Come back next week for a how-to for dummies. 💚

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