Walt Disney Wednesday: “You’re going to Disney again?!”

Yes! Now, leave me alone.

This seems to be a question tons of people are always asked who don’t live within driving distance to Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Sure, if I lived in Orlando, going to Disney World wouldn’t be a big deal. Disney has been a part of Central Floridians lives since 1971. But for some reason, when you live not so close, say in New Orleans, you get asked this question, almost with a snarl of discontent. Perhaps if I had children, this would make more sense to other humans, but since I don’t, I receive comments like, “I would not be one of those people who just goes to Disney World.”

Some people can’t be convinced. They ask why again, and you have to explain yourself. Instead of doing that, ask them why aren’t they going. Yes, it costs money, and yes, Florida is hotter than Hades…


But it really is a fun time, even if you want a relaxing vacation.

The food alone is reason enough to go. Disney is not only just hamburgers and french fries. (That’s so 1993.) Walt Disney World is home to Orlando’s only AAA 5-Diamond rated restaurant with Victoria & Albert’s, which is located in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. Amazing steakhouses with Yachtsman Steakhouse in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Le Cellier in Epcot’s Canada pavilion.

But really, Epcot has the most insane food choices I’ve ever seen. There are roughly fifty places within Epcot alone that offer food or beverages. Unlike Magic Kingdom, it has always allowed the sale of alcoholic beverages since it opened in 1982, which set it apart from the family friendly Magic Kingdom at the time. In recent years, the Magic Kingdom began selling alcoholic beverages only inside select table service restaurants with the exception of Be Our Guest, which is technically a counter service restaurant for breakfast and lunch. On top of that that fun, Epcot has four different festivals that offer even more delicious choices.

Festival of the Arts starts off the year with culinary artistry that will make your eyes shine and your taste buds sing. Shortly after, Flower & Garden Festival blooms, covering Epcot in radiant botanical gardens. A short summer period looms without any festival — at the moment, at least — but once late August comes around, Epcot turns into a gift from Dionysus with Food & Wine Festival. This lasts until November when Epcot is then transformed into a winter wonderland with the Festival of the Holidays.

Besides all the food choices, which are a few blog posts all on their own, there are tons of shows and entertainment in the parks and at Disney Springs (which also has insane food choices). Disney Springs has a glorious amount of shopping with Coach, Kate Spade, Johnston & Murphy, Lacoste, Vera Bradley, etc etc etc.

Okay, okay. But what about actual relaxing

Hop off the monorail in paradise, better known as Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and lounge on the sand with a Krakatoa Punch as the sounds of a ukulele lull you into an afternoon snooze.

Or sit back and watch the animals graze at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Or be pulled into pure relaxation at Senses Spa located in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Disney’s Saratoga Spring’s Resort. Or just sit back and people watch with a Dole Whip.

So, the next time someone asks why you’re going again, give them a shocked stare…

Look taken aback…

And say, “You don’t?!”

And then ignore it.

“You enjoy your Wednesday while I enjoy my Orange Slush from Epcot.”

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