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Walt Disney Wednesday’s: My Half-Day Adventure at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts

A half-day at any Epcot festival will never be enough, but five hours is enough time to try a few artisanal eats and view all the art for sale by Disney and individual artists as well. And even though I was only there for a short time, I could see how the Festival of the Arts has become a favorite fest for Disney junkies.

After a quick trip Soarin’ Around The World, I stopped at Decadent Delights just as I entered World Showcase from Future World. There was one eye stopping food item I had to get: White Chocolate and Purple Sweet Potato Mousse.

White Chocolate and Purple Sweet Potato Mousse

White Chocolate and Sweet Potato? Yes, Indeed! In the end, the best part of the bite was the sight of the vibrant purple (and you know how I like to eat colorful things). The mousse mellowed out the sweet potato, which didn’t give it much of a taste. It was very creamy, but I had hoped the sweet potato flavor would come through just a bit more. All in all it was an okay dish, but for $6.50, it’s one that I would skip in the future.

The next booth was up ahead, and I needed a savior. Thankfully, our neighbor to the north always prevails.

Mushroom Risotto

O Canada, thank you for this Risotto. Found at The Masterpiece Kitchen, it was creamy and rich and what dreams are made of. The mushrooms laid on top, so if you’re anti-mushroom (what’s wrong with you?), they can easily be pushed to the side. The gravy had the flavor of the filet in Le Cellier, a steakhouse in the Canada pavilion. This was a tie for first place for me. So much so, I had it once more before leaving my day of festivities. It was a pricey item at $9.25, but worth it in so many ways.

After taking a stroll and seeing some friends …

I headed over to L’Arte di Mangiare, better known as Italy, and had the Costine di Maiale Aceto Balsamico, better known as Ribs.

Costine di Maiale Aceto Balsamico: Sweet & Sour Balsamic-glazed Pork Ribs

I didn’t understand the concept of Ribs in Italy, but wow. These ribs were tender and juicy, and the balsamic glaze added an Italian touch to what seemed to me as an American staple. Just when you think the glaze is going to be too sour on your tongue, a sweetness mellows out the tang, and it becomes your favorite complete meal of the fest. The sweet potato fries were excellent, yet normal sweet potato fries. For $11.00, it’s steep, but you’re really getting a complete meal here. For normal Disney prices, it’s a steal. This was the best of the fest.

There was one dish, though, that I had been waiting for. As soon as I saw it on the menu, I instantly knew it was going in my belly.

Beef Wellington.

Beef Wellington with Mushroom Bordelaise, Fennel Cream, and Roasted Baby Vegetables

This savory bit is found at The Artist’s Table in the America pavilion. I knew there would be a risk of having overcooked meat. I crossed my fingers and hoped for perfection.

Unfortunately, it was overcooked, but it was warm and the flavors were suburb. It’s hard to keep beef cooked to a medium-rare when you’re feeding hundreds of people a day. For an $8.00 dish, I would skip it the next time, just because you do run the risk of it being overcooked.

Before departing, I had my final serving of Mushroom Risotto to hold me over for my flight. All in all, it was an excellent festival. I would have loved to stay longer to see the Disney on Broadway Concert Series, which showcases some of the most talented people on Broadway, performing songs from Disney musicals like Mary Poppins, Frozen, Aladdin, and Tarzan.

The prices for this fest seem slightly steeper than the prices at the Food and Wine Festival in the Fall, but the portions are a bit bigger which evens things out.

I also scored these AMAZING Figment ears. To me, it’s the Holy Grail of all Disney ears. (Click ‘Figment’ above to find out who this fellow is.)

This festival ends February 25th, which I think is too soon, but the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival starts on March 6th and I’m so ready for it.

Come back next week to figure out how to plan one of these Disney Adventures. It’s complex and exciting all at the same time!